You all know it. You dive under water with the camera that you set on dry land and then only regret that you don't have a single option to further influence your shots. In fact, you just squeeze the shutter button and occasionally apply a color filter. 

Thanks to the program developed by GoPro and the QR codes that I optimized for all conditions when shooting underwater - now you can change everything just by placing a card with QR codes in front of the camera lens - they will then set all the parameters according to your requirements, such as: white balance, angle, resolution, exposure compensation, or simply adjust any parameter you wish. 

The codes can be used with GoPro Hero Black 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 cameras. You just need to be aware that each camera has slightly different functions and options. For example - I can't film on the GoPro 7 in 5.3K resolution at 60 fps if that camera can't do it. You can control the complete settings of that camera, but only with its options.

Page 26 - Exposure Compensation + EV Light / - EV Light won't work for some cameras - I'm waiting for GoPro to release a fix for them. However, the settings on page 14, 15 and 25 ( - 0.5 EV, - 1 EV, - 1.5 EV, - 2 EV, 0 EV and 10x EV delay) - which replace this page - work for the necessary settings.

The QR codes are on plastic cards tied in the form of a fan - so that they can be easily handled even when wearing gloves. The cards are 16 x 11 cm in size and there are approximately 60 QR codes on fifteen double-sided sheets. Two codes on each page. 

Codes are intended for both beginners and advanced videographers. 

Beginners will certainly appreciate the QR codes where there are overall camera settings for basic situations such as a day dive with color filter, a day dive without a filter, a night dive, macro, etc... 

Advanced users can then use individual specific settings exactly as needed... 

You can download the program for using the QR codes in the camera below.

Price of QR codes for GoPro - 70 EUR + shipping

Codes can be ordered here or at -

 Instructions for installing the program in the camera: 

Download the GoPro firmware file according to the camera type to your computer. 

Unzip the zip. and transfer the UPDATE file to the microSD card. 

Insert the card into the camera and turn it on. The update will start automatically. 

The camera beeps and turns off and on several times. A tick on the screen lets you know when it's done. 

Then just point your GoPro at the QR code and let the camera automatically scan it and adjust the parameters according to your needs.

After any update of your camera, it is necessary to reinstall the firmware in the device.

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